Applying for PR in Federal Territory of KL

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Applying for PR in Federal Territory of KL

I started this to record my experiences of applying for PR. I have not got it yet so it will be an ongoing thread.

First thing to mention is that I got a bit confused initially - I thought the Residence Pass is the same thing as PR but it is not. It seems that Resident Pass can now be applied online so I had done that and then printed off the application and went to the Immigration Office to progress it after two weeks. But they told me that no point me applying for this as I already have the LTSVP. They said why not apply for PR? So then it clicked these are different things. Actually PR is known as Permit Masuk (Entry Permit).

There are various ways to get it and they are all documented here:

I am applying under this category:


Married to Malaysian Citizen.
Had been issued with Long Term Visit Pass and stay continuously in Malaysia for a period of five (5) years.
Requires to submit “Surat Akuan Perkahwinan”
Spouse has to be the sponsor.
For child/children of Malaysian Citizen below age 6, parents must be the sponsor

So then I gathered all the forms and checklists and went off to gather the documents. There are 23 entries on the checklist so it is quite a process!

1. Green Form as collected from Immigration

2. White Forms as collected from Immigration

3. Three passport sized photos of applicant blue background

4. Wedding photo and family photo

5. Applicant birth cert

6. Copies of all passports since very first time you entered Malaysia (in my case my first visit was in 1995 so this went back seven passports!)

7. Copy of Marriage Cert

8. N/A to me - documents for marriage outside Malaysia

9. Marriage still exists declaration - need to get done at Commissioner of Oaths

10. Spouses divorce papers/certificate from any previous marriage (if applicable)

11. One passport sized photo sponsor blue background

12. Copies Sponsor IC and Birth Cert

13. N/A - Certificate of Nationality of sponsor (I think only needed if not born here or became Malaysian citizen later)

14. Copy of sponsor passport (N/A as only needed for overseas wedding)

15. N/A - Polygamy

16. Birth Cert and IC for children - we brought for both but only needed for my daughter as stepson is over 18

17. Copies of childrens passports - they didn't ask for these but probably worth taking in case

18. Copy of Security Payment Receipt - this is from the original LTSVP application

19. Copy of proof of address - Gas or Water Bill

20. Cover Letter - we both wrote one just in case and they took both of them

21. Three months income statements - it says from sponsor but they took mine as alternate

22. Letter from employer with chop - I just asked my company to say my length of service and job title etc.

23. Copy of company reg - should only be needed for self employed - N/A - didn't need it


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So having gathered all the documents and filled up the forms (or so we thought) we went to the immigration office (near Publika) earlier this week. The queues for Permit Masuk are much shorter than the other desks so that is a big plus point. It has it's own system for numbers and there are no screens so you just take a number from the desk and wait for one of the officers to call the number out.

The officer called us over and we explained that we had gathered all the documents. He went through and checked but he said there were three things they needed extra:

1. My oldest passport that has a Malaysian stamp - I had brought the six passports I could find but that dates back to my first time living here but not my first time visiting.
2. A standard letter signed in front of the Commisioner of Oaths that says I won't claim any property of my wife's in Sarawak (this is not on the checklist as it's a special case)
3. A letter from JPN showing that my wife's divorce is registered (previously we just brought along the divorce papers)

So we went off to get the three things and it took a while so we were not able to return the same day.

We went back today with everything we needed and managed to submit the application before the lunch break.

This time we had a different officer so he went through and certified all the documents after checking against the originals.

After he checked and certified it all he issued us a letter with our reference number and booked us for an interview in about six weeks time.

We have to come back with the original documents for the interview.


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Next step now completed. We had the interview with the immigration officer. It was mostly conducted in Malay between my wife and the officer. He asked a number of questions about how we met and when we got married. Also asked about how many children we have. It didn't take very long (less than 30 minutes) and at the end he said that we should hear from the police about the next interview within six months. If we don't we can take our form that they gave us to the police station at Jalan Hang Tuah and ask if they have received the file from the Immigration Dept. If they haven't then we should go back to Immigration to check on it. After the interview we were told it can take another six months for the report to go back to immigration for the final decision/processing.

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Thanks for the updates Shardy!
Good to hear your process is on track

Hopefully you'll get some good news sooner than later Smile

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Thanks Jacques - looks like total process can take 18 months or so.