EP Cancellation Vs EP Expiry

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EP Cancellation Vs EP Expiry


I am working at Malaysia and I have valid EP for Malaysia. The permit will expiry date is on March 09, 2018. I will be leaving for home country on same date and the employment will also end on same date.

So the question is - is there a need for the company to apply for separate Cancellation of EP even when it is already expiring on the same date?. I can understand if a person is to stop employment before expiry date then cancellation will be needed. But then What is the logic of EP expiry if EP cancellation is to be made as on same date of EP expiry. Is there is a need under compliance to cancel EP even when it is date of expiry? If yes, it would be good to understand under what rule?

A response will also help save costs of Cancellation for my company.