Long Term Social Visit Pass Malaysia

Expatriates living in Malaysia and married to Malaysian can apply for a long term social visit pass (LTSVP). It was formerly known as spouse visa. The LTSVP was recently revised to grant them a multiple entry visa for a period of up to 5 years, and allows them to work in Malaysia without having to convert their visa to a working visa. To do so, they first need to apply for the LTSVP itself, then apply for a LTSVP work endorsement.

LTSVP Application Process

The process was simplified in 2010, and is now quite straight forward. 

Expatriates and their spouse can go to their nearest "pass and permit division" of their state immigration office with the following documents:

  • Form Imm 12 (2 copies)
  • Form Imm 55 (2 copies)
  • Form Imm 38 (2 copies)
  • Marriage certificates (Malaysian & Foreign if you married abroad) - originals and copy
  • Statutory Declaration the marriage is still valid - certified by commissioner of oath (there is one in the Jalan Duta centre that can be used)
  • Security Bond - RM10 to get from income tax (jalan Duta for KL)
  • Original and copy of passport of Malaysian spouse (all pages)
  • Original and copy of Mykad of Malaysian spouse (all pages)
  • Original and copy of passport of expatriate spouse (all pages)
  • 2 passport photo of Malaysian spouse
  • 2 passport photo of expatriate spouse
  • A wedding photo with both spouse on (preferably from the Malaysian wedding ceremony)
  • Original ID and passports for both spouse
  • Original and copy of Wedding and Divorce certs if either party were previously married

If you live in KL or Selangor, the new Immigration Office is located near Publika / Solaris Dutamas on Jalan Duta. The exact address is 69 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1. The building say "KDN" on it (Kementerian Dalam Negeri). There is free parking for visitors at the back of the building.

Your first visit should be treated as reconnaissance where you collect information and the forms 12, 55 and 38. Once you prepared all the documents, you can come back for the submission which should take no more than a couple of hours. Your Malaysian spouse need to be there so the immigration officer can process the application. Should everything be in order, you will be asked to come back two days later with your passport to pay for your visa and endorse it. Your spouse does not have to be present this time around. This process takes slightly longer as you have to pay for your Security Bond fee (the fee itself depend on your country of passport and is refundable when you leave Malaysia for good).

The initial visa usually runs for a period of six months. The LTSVP renewal process is then much simpler, and visas will be for a period of one to five years. Some LTSVP holder have reported obtaining five years visa from their first application.

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