Movers and Relocation Companies in Malaysia

Many companies offer removal services to and from Malaysia.


If your HR department does not select the relocation to be used or handle the move for you, here are a few pointers to help you chose your relocation expert;

  • Two month planning - It is advised to start contacting movers and relocation companies at least two month before departing. This will enable you to  properly select your moving company, detail your plan and limit the potential  hurdles along the way.
  • Chose a reputable company - It is advisable to use a company who is part of a professional relocation associations such as British Association of Removers (BAR), European Relocation Association (EuRA), the Association of Relocation Professionals (ARP), or the FIDI (also known for its FAIM standard).
  • Let your mover pack your belonging - Should you not opt for this option, your boxes will be labelled as PBO (Packed By Owner) and increase the chances of custom checking your belongings, which may lead to delays and extra costs.
  • Shop around - Malaysia host many relocation companies. So take advantage of this healthy competition to ask for at least three quotes from potential movers, along with references.

The price of the move will usually vary depending on the urgency of the move. If you want your items to be in your new home in a few days, then it will cost you more than if you can wait a few weeks.

Relocation Services

Besides handling the physical moving of your belongings, reputable full service relocation companies also offer relocation services such as home finding, area & city orientations, international school search, language & cultural understanding & full settling-in programs.

These services are extremely valuable for the expat as well as their respective employers to establish a strong & healthy foundation for the relocation process. A well managed & carefully constructed relocation package is essential to the successful integration of an expat to his/her new environment and culture. Preparing them for the challenges in understanding their new home is a tedious & specialist job requiring a professional hand to accomplish.

From assisting the relocatee to find a suitable home, transportation, school & activities for their children, documentation & legalities to helping them settle down into their new home, orientations of their new city, understanding the culture & language are all vital for a successful relocation process. These services immensely help expats to embrace their new environment & settle down quicker thus greatly increasing the employers prospects of maintaning a happy & satisfied employee.

Relocation packages are always customized to each individual & family's needs & requirements. So take the time to either urge your employer to provide you a full service relocation package, otherwise take the initiative to find one yourself. Costs depend on services provide as well as region & city you are relocating to.

Relocation experts can also handle the paperwork to bring your pet to Malaysia.

Main relocation companies and their number

Kuala Lumpur

Santa Fe Relocation Services Sdn Bhd +603 6253 6553 [email protected]
Asian Tigers Transpo Movers (M) Sdn Bhd +603 5511 3788 [email protected]
Allied Pickfords (M) Sdn Bhd +603 6253 6553  
Intergrace Movers (M) Sdn Bhd +603 7954 4908 [email protected]
BW Worldwide Movers Malaysia +603 6258 7573 [email protected]
Entourage Relocation Services Sdn Bhd +607 386 0976 [email protected]
Crown Line (M) Sdn Bhd +603 6275 1830 [email protected]
AGS Movers Malaysia Sdn Bhd +603 3166 9960  
Felix Relocation Sdn Bhd +603 5636 5511 [email protected]
Royal Relocation Sdn Bhd +603 6120 8903 [email protected]
Putrapack Movers Sdn Bhd +603 6157 1442  
Raffles Movers International Pte Ltd +603 6188 1196 [email protected]

Johor Bahru

Entourage Relocation Services Sdn Bhd +607 386 0976 [email protected]

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