Singapore Permanent Residency (PR)

Singapore is very open to well educated, skilled professionals. In order to attract such a population, Singapore set up its Permanent Residency benefits so as to make it very attractive. Here are the most commonly stated advantages to holding a PR:

  • You can enter and leave the country at will;
  • You don't need a work permit anymore, allowing you to change job more easily;
  • You can buy some of the government funded housing (HDB);
  • You are eligible to the Central Providence Fund (CPF). CPF money goes towards pension, healthcare and you can use some of it to help with your deposit when buying a property;
  • You can apply for Singaporean citizenship after 2 years;

The main disadvantage of obtaining a PR is that if you have a son, and he also gets a PR, he will have to do national service in the Singapore army.

PR Application Process

The applicant can check the latest information and download the application form the ICA website. Contrary to many other countries in the region, the criterias to apply for and obtain a visa are very clearly spelled out and respected.

Once you've got all your documents ready, you arrange for appointment with the ICA through their website to submit your application.

The following documents are standards to all PR applications:

  • Your application forms
  • Recent passport photos for each applicant
  • Copy of your passports (bring along the originals)
  • Valid visas and Expatriate cards (bring them along)
  • Birth certificates and their official translation
  • Diplomas and their official translation

It is recommended to include CVs for each of your close relative - i.e. parents and siblings.

The immigration officer will stamp the copies of your documents after checking the originals, and give you a receipt at the end of your meeting. This receipt will enable you to check the status of your application online.

You should hear back from the ICA within three to six months by snail mail. It sometimes take longer.

Should your application be successful, you'll be invited to a 2nd appointment where you'll get your new NRIC number along with new entry and re-entry permits reflecting your change of status. You'll need to apply for a new SingPass with your new NRIC.

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